Courtney McPhail

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Courtney McPhail

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In 2017, the course of human history was forever altered. A cataclysmic event, which would come to be known simply as The Infection, swept across the globe. The world population was decimated and civilization as it was known came to an end.

     Malcolm Evans and his group have survived riots, massacres and mobs of humans infected with a virus that turns them into mindless cannibals but now they face their greatest challenge. They have over 700 miles of hostile territory to cross to reach the island sanctuary built by the CIA.

     It is a dangerous road they must travel but one that will be worth it. The island is the one bit of hope left in this world and they will do anything to reach it. 

     But is this promised land everything it claims to be? If there is one thing Malcolm and his group have learned, it’s that nothing is what it seems.

    They may have survived the outbreak but will they survive Sanctuary?